80% of sites scanned have at least one vulnerablility.*

*79.95% of 788 sites scanned have at least one AEM-specific security vulnerability. These vulnerabilities can range from a misconfigured page-not-found page to corporate user ID's being exposed to the site's entire AEM custom source code being exposed.

Argil DX Website Security Scanner

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The AEM Security Check looks for vulnerabilities such as those that:

  • Expose your content structure
  • Expose unreleased content
  • Expose Corporate IDs
  • Open your servers to simple "Denial of Service" Attacks
  • Expose server information that could be used in future attacks
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How Our Security Check Works

The Argil DX AEM security check simulates 4-6 visitors going to your website and checking for common and uncommon AEM vulnerabilities. Instead of trying to circumvent security measures on your site, it looks only at publicly available information that can be found through loopholes in your current site.

Why do so many AEM sites have vulnerabilities?

Often the developers implementing AEM are skilled generalists, but they don't have the targeted expertise of a dedicated AEM team. It's easy to leave a few security holes during implementation while attention is devoted to other aspects of the website. Errors in implementation can leave common vulnerabilities open, but the uncommon vulnerabilities can be overlooked by even the most experienced AEM developer.

Argil DX's Security History

Jason Meyer, our company president, has been finding vulnerabilities in AEM as a hobby since the days when AEM was first introduced as its former name, CQ5. AEM security has been a passion of his for 9 years and he's constantly trying to find new vulnerabilities and ways to fix them in order to keep Argil DX on the cutting edge of AEM security.